Bulk SMS Service


What types of SMS do you want?

  • Musking SMS (English/Bengal)
  • Non-Musking SMS (English/Bengal)

We Send  both Musking or Non-Musking SMS

Need More Information


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Why us BULK SMS?

DMG TEAM will always care about your need and try to target your customers and our aim is to make business for long time.

Where to Use?

You can use it to send messages about your products or services.

Non-Musking SMS

If you don’t want to send your Identification then it is called as Non-Masking SMS.


Musking SMS

We sender Identification for more recognization which is called  Masking SMS.


Best way to send your message within a second anywhere in the world with a huge quantity as you want.

Text Character limitation

Masking / Sender name / Phone no(11 characters) and English SMS : 1-160  and Bangla SMS:1-69 characters- 1 SMS


Benefits of SMS Marketing:

SMS stands for Short Message Service and Bulk SMS marketing is the way to reach your targeted customers to send your products or service’s message within a second. It is the way of hit directly to consumers. Text messages reach people effectively and it has more speed than emails or phone calls. Some special benefits are given below:

  • Automate with autoresponders.
  • Reduced Corporate Cost
  • Direct Marketing
  • Targeted Customer Reach
  • Quick Response & quick delivery
  • Delivered with Company Email