Case Study for Business in Dhaka


Do you need a Real-life solution to your Business?

What is the present scenario of your Website?

What are the recommended solutions for your company website?

What are the implementation actions need to your company?

Do you identify the factors that contributed to failure or success?

Did you do Competitor Analysis? 

Did you know the challenge you Facing?

If you can answer all the above questions and take steps for the proper solution, you can generate leads or traffic to increase your sales. 

Why DMG Team is the best for case study of your company:

By proper case study of your business website, you can think about the following things.

1.Need to work with organic visibility: For this reason, you need Search Engine Friendly(mobile friendly as well) site first and then need to improve user experience. Finally, do content marketing with perfect Keywords and improve the ranking of main keywords. We can help you by providing these all solutions for any Bangladeshi company.

Note: Think about long tail keywords in case of local Business.

2. Try to get traffic to a localized website:  if it is locally based then never forget to work with social media. You can use the local language as well and convert visitors to Leads by proper paid Ad and fresh, unique content. Dmg Team always try to solve this solution.

Note: Always go for the best Social Media channel like Facebook.

3. Drive leads through LinkedIn and PPC: You need traffic for your website then it will go as a word to mouth and so never neglect PPC (Google Ad) & LinkedIn for providing paid Ad.

Note: Try to run with perfect keywords and LinkedIn consists of Business People. always try to deliver a creative message.

4. Try to optimize all existing campaigns:  To generate revenue and reduce cost, always check your existing campaigns by knowing the thing how people search and their motive.

Note: Check & Audit about -Click-Through Rate, Cost Per Click and finally ROI(Return on investment)

5. Improve on-page technical SEO:  Check how many targeted keywords you are using for your site and how much they are optimized. Check properly that how many targeted keywords come to rank first in Google.

Note: Try to link with the relevant site.

6. Target all holidays, festivals and event: Target visitors according to local based holidays or festivals or event and start paid and online promotion much more.

Note: Might get more ROI

7. Recovering from Google Penalty:  For Google penalty, you are going to loose organic traffic that horrible. Find out the cause of the problem. It is happening due to backlink(black hat) and copywriting issue.

Note: Try to remove the backlink and update with unique content.


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