Competitive Analysis

Why Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis or competitive research is the most important part before starting marketing. By Competitive analysis, a company can know the marketing strategies of their competition and find out the strengths and weaknesses of their competition.

By collecting & reviewing the information regarding your competitor’s firms, you can get knowledge of marketing and take the decision about your marketing strategies.


How do we do a competitor analysis?

A List of Competitors

First of all, as a part of Competitor analysis, you need to create a list of your company’s competitors.

Competitor Product Summary

You need to make a summary of the competition’s products and services and analyze their features & value.

Competitor SWOT Analysis

Identify the Competitors internal strengths and weaknesses as well as their external opportunities and threats.

Competitor Strategies

To gain competitive advantage, you must know your Competitor Strategies and make your own plan to generate superior ROI

Competitor Goal

If you have knowledge of your Competitor objectives, you can get a better prediction of their marketing strategies and can take a decision.

Competitors Gain customers

Look and gain knowledge about Competitors Gain customers and their opinion about goods or services they would love to see.


Because we know the ways of making it happen. And:–

  • High skilled Marketer
  • Researching TEAM
  • Analysis of the Review 
  • Analysis of Products Feature
  • SWOT Analysis


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