Email Marketing company in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Email Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing to promote your products or services not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world.   Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies in the world. To generate your sales and increase revenue, it has become one of the best marketing techniques in the digital world.

Email Marketing is one of the best digital marketing weapons for internet Marketing. For business purpose, you need to sell your products or services or share some news and for this reason, email marketing is the perfect method to send the right message to your targeted customers.

Email Marketing company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

What is Email Marketing?

Still lots of Bangladeshi company like bdjobs are doing business by email Marketing. Email marketing is one of the very effective digital marketing methods where you can send emails to your customers. It is the process of sending a commercial message to a group of people by using electronic mail (email). In a broad sense, emails marketing convert prospects into customers and then turn into buyers and lastly into loyal customers.

History of email marketing:

The first marketing email was sent in 1978 and the result of this email marketing was amazing by getting $13 million in sales. And from that huge marketing result, it become one of the most highly used marketing channels even to this day. It is still more cost-effective compared to others.

What is mass email marketing?

Mass email marketing is a process where bulks emails will be send to your customers and contacts. This is a mass marketing method. You must think about spam as well.

How do you start a marketing email?

  •  First, make an Email Marketing Strategy,
  • Then, secondly, define Your Audience,
  • And then create a method for People to Sign Up,
  • Now, choose an Email campaign type and make a schedule,
  • Lastly, analyze and measure your email marketing results.

Is Email Marketing Dead or Spam?

Email isn’t dead because still, it can build a strong connection with people that keep our business alive. Again, Email marketing isn’t spamming because if you used it the right way it can be a relationship-building weapon.

Source: HubSpot-The Death of Email: Is it Time to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Relationship build-up: it can build strong connections through personalized engagement.

Content Promotion: It is the way of sharing your blog content or useful relevant information with your loyal customers.

Brand Awareness: It is the best way to keep your company and your services or product in touch to your customers and make engage them.

Product Marketing: Promote your company products and services.

Lead Generation: When your subscribers will find something valuable then they will share their personal information. So, it can be a tool of exchange.

Email Marketing Lead Generation Tips:

The goal of your Email Marketing is to generate leads as more as possible. So, before sending emails, you must require a lot more consideration.

 Considered components of a successful marketing email:

Copy: Never go for one more topic and so the copy in the body of your email must consider with one topic.

Images: Always go for an eye-catching, relevant and optimized image.

CTA: Without call-to-action (CTA), you will not get proper lead to a relevant offer.

Timing: Must make a timing-based study observing response rates of sending email and set the best day and time to send your email.

Responsiveness: It can happen that 65% of emails are opened on mobile. And so, you need to think about your device and optimize that way of results.

Personalization: Before sending email, you need to be personable and address your reader in a familiar tone.

Subject Line: Use very simple, clear and understanding language with the body of the email


How to collect effective emails:

Collecting email is art of email marketing and you must be creative and tactful to collect emails.

1.Offer useful resources:
Without offering useful resource, people will not show any interest and they may ignore your mail.

2.Facebook lead generation ads:
In the modern digital age, Social Media is a great channel for collecting lead. You can go for Facebook Lead generation ads for collecting email for targeting audience.

3.Offering free tutorial videos:
People like to get free than pay. You can offer free tutorial videos to get emails as a result of exchanging.

4.Promote your newsletter signup throughout your website:
Newsletter signup is also a great technique of collecting emails. But for this, you must have a website with relevant content.

5.Use popup to promote special offers:
Suppose, you are going to make some special offer for any occasion or festival, you can use popup to promote special offers.

6.Create contests:
Contest creating is another very very smart way of collecting emails.

7. Offer free resources that are relevant to your target customers:
Yes, without relevant resources, you will miss your target customers. So, you should offer free resources that are relevant to your target customers

8.Ask for something:
Sometimes go for something creative and ask for something different from your customers.

9.Employ social chat if needed:
Social chat is also becoming a great way of collecting emails in recent times not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world.

10. Be smarter:
last of all, always think positive and be smarter to collect emails.

How to Create Lead Generation by creating lead Magnet:

Remember one thing that people are very sensitive & hyper-protective of their personal information. Without providing or exchanging something valuable, you cannot expect o receive an email address. So, you should make the form of a free offer or should be valuable to your prospects.

Moreover, your lead Generation form must be relevant to your prospects. There are some guidelines given below for creating Lead Generation by Lead Magnet:

1. Provide offer related and actionable that should be realistic way to achieve the solution.
2. Try to ensure your offering asset very easy way that means should be delivered in a digital format like PDF, a video or excel format, etc.
3. Make sure that your offer can make a future impact that means go for long time relationship.
4. Offer something that can eventually lead to your product or service.
5. Your offer must be relevant to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Email Marketing KPIs:

Generally, people in Bangladesh are not fully emailed friendly because they like Facebook rather than opening email regularly. Actually, our target is only those people who are used to use regular email as their daily routine. There are four keys metrics to pay attention to know how effective your email marketing campaign.

Deliverability: It is the first metrics that measures the rate at which emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Open rate: Open rate means how many people of 100s  that open your email once it reaches their inbox.

Clickthrough rate (CTR): It is the percentage of people that click on your CTAs.

Unsubscribes:  Many people may dislike your topics or feel annoyed.  So, unsubscribes measures the number of people who ignore your email list once they receive an email from you.

How to improve your Email Results for the company in Bangladesh:

You must consider the factors impact your KPIs which are also matter of experimentation and guesswork to figure out your real customers. Let’s discuss and take measurement:


Always go for the best practice and avoid spam filters.

Secondly, remove your inactive people from your email list to keep real subscribers.

If you get any emails hard-bounced , then remove those email addresses from your list.

Open Rate:

Calculate and monitor your open rate means people to click on your email.

Then you need to adjust time to time that you send your email to see what works best.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR):

Calculate how many people go Clickthrough Rate.

Try something different or rewrite your copy to get them more readable.

Again, Try different CTAs.

Report for Email Marketing in Bangladesh:

Metrics and Data that need to organize if you want to start email marketing for any company in Bangladesh. Both are following:


  • The total number of emails sent for a campaign.
  • Number of emails delivered from total sending
  • Deliverability Rate
  • Open Rate of Emails you send
  • Bounce Rate of Emails you send
  • Clickthrough Rate of Emails you send
  • Unsubscribe Rate of Emails you send


  • Subject line
  • Length of email body you send
  • Offer you made for a campaign
  • CTA (inline or graphic)
  • List segment

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