Email Server Setup

Complex & Secure?

Do you Feel Email is complex and hard to secure? But you can overcome from this complexity to be the end-all, be-all of email administration. No need to depend on Google, Yahoo!, or any other provider.


Depending Free

It is time to be free by setting Email server for your business because you don’t need to depend on sending limited numbers of emails daily basis. Moreover, as a business owner you need to take control of your business and keep private of your email list.

Full Security And Safety

Moreover, by setting up a dedicated Email server, a domain administrator can login or logout at any time and make change the mailbox if required. It is also a right solution for full security and safety.

Unlimited Email Addresses

For excellence performance and making unlimited email addresses at one time and sending a large amount of email with full security, Email server setup is very essential for a business.

Benefits of Email Server Setup:

  1. Unlimited email address
  2. Very easily integrate with all the CRM systems and database.
  3. Save Time
  4. Excellent sending speed – up to 500,000 messages/hour
  5. Manage & Marge with requirements
  6. Can know what happens to your email after sending.
  7. Mailbox cost-saving and time-saving
  8. Can do a special task for special email
  9. Maintaining privacy and full control
  10. Avoid restriction by the third party
  11. Own address store and address book

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