Networking & Security

Data connectivity installation & Support:

DMG Team has a vast range of IT experience that supports any sector as your requirements. We’re very interested to work for your organization like a high-value IT partner that specializes in helping businesses adopt new technology.

Any resource sharing or network sharing make a computer networking from one host to another host and also mention that any device or a piece of information of a computer can remotely be accessed from another laptop or computer through a local network.

Office Networking

Maybe you are the owner of a small or large office. No problem, our expert team is ready to set up a small or large office Network. For ensuring a Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for your office network, our expert team will help you to setup your network which will save your time, smooth data transfer and your all system like IP camera, IP Telephone and access control system will connect within the same Network.

Building an Office Network we should follow:

  • Setup quality grade switches and routers for perfect communications.
  • Try to integrate all wireless application with full features and functionality.
  • Always keep your switches and routers proper managed position with a proper access point.
  • Keep in mind to set up your network designed to be a reliable bounce back fast from an unexpected situation.

File & Printer Sharing

For a corporate business, File & printer sharing need must because it is the way to share & send all files and documents from one computer to another computer and use the same printer by all operators. Even you can connect multiple printers to one network to share any devices with others.So. For this purpose, you need to design and implement a local area network (LAN) to reduce cost and save time.