Un-Managed VPS Solutions

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the best possible option for the business owner who runs and manages a small business.

Do you think you need VPS hosting and why?


Suppose, you have a plan to grow your website in the near future or you got that day by day your traffic in increasing then the best option for your business is to go for VPS plan.

Why VPS is the best option?

You can never trust a sharing hosting pan because sometimes it can be dangerous for your website and anytime hosting plan may be by a slow website speed or a downtime. Moreover, actually sharing hosting plan is for only newcomer who wants to show his website presence on the internet.

If you are running a busy traffic sites like Newspaper, Magazine, E-commerce, blog or affiliating Niche and you have more than 200 traffics and growing more then –

What VPS Hosting plan is the best option?

In that case we strongly recommend you to go for a VPS hosting plan to keep alive with growing trend. And another important matter is that even for Content Management System (CMS) you need huge processing power & CMS needs more memory for efficient cache management for faster loading.

Why DMG TEAM VPS is the best?

Powerful Solutions

Recommend best option according to your requirements

Testing & Real-time Solution

We test the machine before using it and Realtime PHP/Mysql Injection Scan

Lifetime Support

Once you become our partner means you will get lifetime support

Transfer Solution

Help transfer data from old panel

Cost Effective & Protection

Lower cost of ownership and SPAM protection,

Fast Loading

Setup fastest control panel and faster loading

Hope you have got all the information about DMG TEAM.

Choose us considers using a VPS Server for your business.