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Digital Marketing is the best way of internet marketing of your products or services of your Business using the digital channel & methods.

A Digital Marketer will make strategy using marketing activities, following the Marketing schedule, identifying the potential audience and last of developing campaigns.

Digital Marketing in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is basically one of the digitally fast-moving countries in the world. The digital scenario in Bangladesh is rapidly and dramatically changed in Bangladesh like our neighbor country India. Day by day, it is almost similar to what it is in India.

Acually in Bangladesh, the digital transformation has been rapid for the last 5 years. Morover, the Bangladeshi government is also very much interest and playing a vital role in making our country digititalized as early as possible in the world.

Is Digital Marketing better than Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing means the marketing through Radio, TV, print and film, billboard, posturing, flyer etc. Digital marketing means the marketing through online like Social Media, Website, Online Content Marketing, video Marketing, SEO, SMS etc. First American television advertisement aired in 1941 that means traditional marketing began almost 75 years ago that all are old idea. At present, technology has advanced enough to bring a new idea of digital marketing in new digital age.

It is a surprise but realistic news that over one-third of CMOs of organizations believe that in the next 5 years digital marketing will account for 75% of marketing spend all over the world. So, to gear up your business, Digital marketing will play a vital role for your business.

The main difference between digital marketing and traditional advertising is that digital marketers can provide consumer’s value through content marketing and other solutions but traditional marketers are looking forward to increasing sales with their ad spots, not to provide value. Besides, digital marketing can make one to direction what is not possible by traditional marketing.

In the case of your return on investment (ROI), you are in the dark with traditional marketing or advertising and it is very tough to get analytics reports. On the other hand, By digital marketing you can track your ROI, analytic and get opportunity to enhance it.

Which method of marketing strategy will be effective for their business?

Many medium and small businesses struggle to come in conclusion with deciding which method of marketing strategy will be effective for their business to get output smoothly. Actually, the success result of any marketing method depends on various components like product type, culture, people need, quality and proper communication with them. So, whatever marketing strategy you want to apply for your business doesn’t make any result until these components has been determined and analyzed.

In USA, on an average budget for traditional media like television, print, newspaper and billboard etc is 50% that means the whole world is going transform into a very digital environment. Even, in the first world, we do many of our daily tasks like banking, reading in online. The numbers of e-readers and online banking are increasing because of the rise of the digital age. Moreover, by digital marketing, you can reduce your cost and get the best ROI.

Digital Marketing is cheaper, effective, interactive, and the most important is it is result oriented compared to traditional marketing.  So, Digital Marketing is the best marketing strategy especially for small and medium company.

Why Bangladesh has bright prospect in digital marketing?:

Bangladesh has bright prospect in digital marketing because our most population is young and they love to use technology. From a recent study of World Bank, we got to know almost 77% of Facebook users are 18-35 ages. And It is a great news that we are going on population dividend because 70% of the population is under the age of 35 which lead them to use digital component day by day. So, to capture the attraction of young generation and to promote your products or services, Bangladesh has bright prospect in digital marketing or online marketing.

With the increasing of our GDP growth, the income levels of the middle and upper class Bangladeshi population is growing up day by day. Now most of the people, especially young generation are capable to buy digital device to communicate each other through mobile, social media, email or other channel. A huge amount of hotels and resorts are found in Bangladesh and people like to expense money taking hotels and amusement facilities across the country.  Again, in this digital age Social Media is the present overwhelming phenomenon of modern marketing strategies and it is the best channel to get new audience for business or service in Bangladesh.

Opportunities and challenges of digital marketing in Bangladesh:

Digital Marketing is one of marketing strategies in this modern digital age which is using digital media or channels like Facebook, YouTube, Content, SEO and Email to promote products and services to increase your revenue. With the increasing immense competition of Marketing, Digital Marketing or Online marketing or Internet Marketing is going to be main medium of Modern Digital world for Bangladeshi Company. And So, Marketers and the business owners are now finding the digital opportunities in the digital age to promote their products or service online base in Bangladesh. It is also a new challenge for Bangladesh because most of the Companies are not used to face this challenge. It is because consumers are becoming very careful to choose their products not only just what a company says about its brand but also checking the review & comments of the products or services. So, to get a good response fro your consumers, you need to update all product or service information and keep updating continuously benefits of any products or service digitally.

Moreover, the main benefit of digital marketing is that it is the way of attracting consumers and allowing them to interact with the brand through digital media like Facebook, SMS, Email, and YouTube, etc. In this digital age, you can not only depend on conventional marketing and Traditional marketing is expensive as well. Even, you will get enough data to know consumers preference, dislike, needs, and expectation through traditional Marketing. So, Though Digital Marketing or Online marketing or Internet Marketing is a new System and companies are facing new challenge, It is a great opportunities to increase sales for all Bangladeshi Companies.

Digital Marketing power in Bangladesh:

Day by day Digital Marketing is achieving more and more power on modern marketing strategy in Bangladesh.. At present, Digital Marketing is going to turn on business development. Suppose, you are a business owner hotel & resort or you are going to run your hospitality business in Bangladesh, you must think about the impact of Social Media’s power.  This is because in this digital age, people are people are more convinced by the digital channel like Facebook or YouTube comments, reviews, likes, shares etc than any friend or relative suggestions.

So, if people think about to buy or get service from any organization, they first go to their online site like social media and check reviews, promotional packages and campaigns without asking for suggestions.

Criteria for choosing the best digital Marketing Company in Bangladesh:

Before choosing any Digital Marketing agency for your company, you have to look into the credibility of the agency. Moreover, the most important thing is that A digital agency should have a strong online presence

The following criteria must have an digital agency what we have:

  1. Check their existing client’s reputation like review
  2. The agency can meet your goal
  3. Check their website and mood of work
  4. How creative and the way of works?
  5. Verify their best practice
  6. Check their manpower and their relation with digital works
  7. The agency must provide precise reports on a regular basis.
  8. Do they have own mail and SMS server?
  9. Do they carry and have collection B2B and consumer mails?
  10. Do they have knowledge about lead generation?


Can you explain why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing does offer instant feedback and report but traditional forms of marketing such as radio, TV, billboard, and print do not offer instant feedback and report.
Besides, It is not surprising that traditional channels are already starting to shift to digital marketing campaigns and in near fiuture, Digital marketing will be the main way of marketing.

Why DMG Team is the best digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh:

We have ten criteria above mentioned to choose a digital marketing agency.  We believe that if we can get you good result you will be long time business partner for DMG Team.

Moreover, our CEO, is one of the best digital Marketer in Bangladesh who create more than 3000 students who works in different sectors in Digital Marketing. We have the biggest team in Bangladesh.

We have more 100 members as a DMG Team and 12 Digital Marketing Trainers working in PC PLUS IT – our own IT Training Institute and Bdjobs which makes us different from others.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

Marketers are responsible to provide you the best way of making your products or services brand.

Types of Digital Marketing Of Bangladesh :

1.Search engine optimization (SEO)
2.Search engine marketing (SEM) or Pay per Click(PPC)
3.Social media marketing (SMM)
4.Email marketing.
5.Content marketing.
6.Conversion Rate Optimization.
7.Online advertising.
8.Influencer Marketing
9.Bulk SMS Marketing
10.Landing Page marketing or CPA Marketing 

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